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Who We Are:

FrkMusic is an independent music co. founded in 2014 & lauched in 09-2017, FrkMusic strives to bring light to undiscovered creatives.



The dedicated address for extended services are
Our Artwork Finder, Search engine & iTunes Music Search Tool



We upload all releases of Spinnin’ Records which includes sub-labels i.e: MAXXIMIZE Records, Musical Freedom, SOURCE, Dharma, Hexagon, Spinup, AFTR:HRS, Fonk Recordings, Trapcity, OXYGEN, Spinnin’ Striped; Copyright Free Music
We cover almost every release of Revealed Recordings, and also from their sub-label i.e: Gemstone Records since website was launched.
Another major label featured in FrkMusic is Armada Music, We upload selective Dance/Deep/House/Trance releases from armada, we pick releases from Armada Music which includes Armada Trice, Armada Deep, Armada Chill, Armada Zouk, TBM (The Bearded Man), STATEMENT! RECORDINGS, INTERPLAY, Black Sunset, Wall Reccordings, Showland Records, GARUDA, Ignite Recordings, Armin Audio, Armind, In My Opinion, Denis Kenzo Records, Who’s Afraid of 138?
Another electronic/dubstep label on which we have focus is Monstercat, we have every release of monstercat since the site was launched. You will find complete catalogue here.
NCS is major royalty free music provider, we upload all releases from ncs since our site lanuch.
LOWLY is featured for Trap/Mid-tempo/Alternative/Electronic music, which we love the most, Lowly releases music under Lowly., Lowly Palace & Lowly House. The best out of these is Lowly Palace, we add all releases from lowly palace and lowly house.
One of our favorite label is Strangefruits, Strangefruits catalogue includes sub-labels Neon Fruits, BID & ILLICIT/Hinky.
FrkMusic has acquired license to distrubute content from STRANGEFRUITS/BID/NEONFRUITS/ILLICIT/NCS/MONSTERCAT [So we cover 100% legal content from these labels].


FrkMusic is in compliance with GDPR/EU Law. Data is collected via Google Analytics code to analyze website performance, the data collected using analytics tracking code is limited to analytics report itself. It is not shared with third party org or website.

We have disabled website comments for public, so users can’t post any comment. UPDATED: (Instead we’ve embeded facebook comment box)

We don’t distribute copyrighted images/artworks, users can’t submit their own pictures/graphical work on website. The images which we use are free to use by general public.

The information shared via contact form remains confidential, It is not stored in third party servers or external database.

Cookies are for your convenience so that you may save an album page as a bookmark, cookies are expired after one week if you don’t visit the website within specific time period.

Our policy is to comply with all Intellectual Property Laws and to act expeditiously upon receiving any notice of claimed infringement. If you believe that any work has been reproduced on this website in a manner that constitutes copyright infringement, please provide a notice of copyright infringement containing all of the relevant information to our email [email protected]

We’ve written privacy policy in its simplest & shortest form, so every user can learn about how we protect your data.